Wichita Swing Dance Society
Lesson Formats
Drop-in classes: We have a 1-hour drop-in class every Sunday from 6:00-7:00. Students can sign up, pay for, and take this class on any Sunday they wish. The material covered in the class is roughly the same from week to week, and it stays beginner-friendly. It is a very basic introduction to Swing; it will give you everything you need to be able to dance through a song on your first night!

Series classes: We have one or two 1-hour series classes every Sunday from 6:00-7:00. Students must sign up and pay for a month's worth of classes ahead of time, or on the first Sunday of the month at the latest. Material in these classes will progress over the course of the month with little review of previous classes, so it's important to attend all the lessons in a series.

Upcoming Classes

Lesson Recap Videos

Jitterbug - Also known as Single Time East Coast Swing, the Jitterbug is what we teach in our 30 minute introduction to swing class every Sunday. This simple Swing dance is the fastest way to get comfortable on the dance floor, and is a useful building block to many other styles of Swing. Here's a video to show you what it can look like:
Lindy Hop - One of the oldest and most versatile Swing dances, Lindy Hop is great for music fast and slow, new and old. We teach at least one Lindy Hop series class every month, and recommend it to anyone who loves to dance. Here's a CLASSIC example of the best Lindy Hopping in the world :
Charleston - Another great old Swing dance that's perfect for fast songs and anything with a Charleston feel.
Balboa - Coming Soon

West Coast Swing - Coming Soon

Collegiate Shag - Coming Soon

Blues - Coming Soon

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